It’s Test Time. What’s Important?

This isn’t an educational note about network testing and time efficiency. I’ll leave those topics to our Editorial Director, Sharon Vollman, and our OSP Expert columnist, Don McCarty. This a thank you note to all of you for sticking with us to learn about the ever-changing ICT industry for the last 25+ years.

Many of you saw the industry evolve from simple POTS to 5G trials. Others may find it hard to believe that the primary focal points of the first OSP EXPO, 25 years ago, were POTS and newly emerging fiber networks.

Now we have wireless, wireline, Wi-Fi, satellite, NG-PON2, FTTx, and on and on. In today’s networks, IP is the norm, and IT teams and network teams are becoming more and more connected as they deploy SDN and NFV. Those are important changes for the industry.

But, what’s really important? When it comes down to it, you can’t make any of the magic behind the network happen without those colleagues who work alongside you. Yes, PEOPLE. It comes down to the people you work with, do business with, and hang with. What’s really important? PEOPLE.

That’s why we thank YOU for staying with us over the past 25 years. For keeping up with the constant technology changes, and allowing us to be one of your partners in education.

This year we celebrate your helping us create a trade show filled with industry leaders, amazing vendor partners, and technology that will continue to change and push us into the next era. And over the next 25 years, we’ll be here providing the education and personal connections we all need to keep up with this ever-changing, evolving industry.

Thank you for the past 25 years — we’re looking forward to what the future will bring!

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