Attention: Construction Managers & Technicians responsible for fiber optic splicing and testing

AT&T National Construction Staff has partnered with ISE and VIAVI to produce several training videos related to OTDR/PMD Testing using the VIAVI T-BERD 8000. Bonus for you! They are also available right here! Check out the following tutorial videos:

VIAVI T-BERD 8000 OTDR and PMD Testing

How to configure the T-BERD 8000 with a handheld OBS-500 far end device to perform an OTDR/PMD “combo” test as well as save the results.


VIAVI OBS-500 PMD Testing

How to configure the OBS-500 to be the PMD source for the T-BERD 8000 at the other end of the span.


Transferring Test Results to USB from T-BERD 8000

How to transfer test results to a USB drive for a SmartOTDR, T-BERD 2000, T-BERD 6000, or T-BERD 8000.


VIAVI P5000i inspection scope used with T-BERD 8000

How to use the P5000i USB microscope when connected to a T-BERD 8000 mainframe.


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