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Latency and Lag Hurt Gamers’ Incomes —

When it comes to monitoring network performance, knowing your users’ hot buttons is key. And when it comes to gamers, their angst increases with packet loss, latency, lag, and anything else that gets in their way of winning!

There is no denying that gaming has become not only a way to have fun but also, for some, a way to earn a living. More often than not, we think of PC games when we imagine gaming, however mobile gaming is constantly on the rise as well. In fact, figures show that there are approximately 2.4 billion active mobile gamers worldwide.

But how much money can you make when you turn this hobby into a profession?

We’re not talking about pennies and dimes here. Check out the 2 highest paid mobile game players from the US of all time, and how much money they earned from tournaments.

Brian Dragatto earned a whopping $290,000 from mobile game tournaments. (To put that in perspective, mobile game tournaments earned Dragatto 5 times what the average American gets yearly.)

Randy Pfahl, another Turbo Racing League player, earned an impressive $125,000 from mobile game tournaments.

Interestingly, the game of choice for the top American mobile game players is Turbo Racing League, with 6 out of the top 10 US players earning good cash from playing this game. Other mobile games such as Clash Royal and Vainglory are also some favourites of the US players, with one known under the pseudonym MusicMaster earning $90,000 from playing Clash Royal in tournaments.

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So, the next time you are laissez-faire about fixing your network issues, consider how you might feel if you’re income was affected. (‘Cuz, it could be if you don’t make those gamers happy.)


Top earning Americans

Top earning Americans.


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