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Americans Think Internet Is Overpriced and Too Slow

This year, many Americans have had to reassess their internet needs as most of us shifted to working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. At, we wanted to know exactly what consumers knew about their internet connection. 

The verdict is in: Americans think internet is overpriced and too slow. Our survey found 45% of Americans say their internet connection is too slow, yet only a mere 16% have upgraded their plan since the pandemic started.

If you want to read the results of the survey, you can see the full report here:

Here are some other interesting findings from our survey:
Almost half of all respondents said they think $20-$50 per month is reasonable for internet; however, most actually paid $80 on average.

61% of those surveyed say they think their internet is overpriced.

Almost 3/4 of those surveyed said they do not know what internet speed is recommended for their household – this may be why they are reluctant to upgrade their plan.

Methodology: conducted an anonymous survey of 1,000 Americans about sentiments around their internet connection and technology myths. Using the responses from this survey, we have highlighted the most common answers in this report.

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