Scalability Considerations in Fusion Splicing & Connectivity Design

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2020 has seen a surge in demand for data – greater bandwidth and ultra-fast download speeds coupled with a new definition of network reliability. What’s next in 2021?

With this demand, the question of scalability becomes increasingly critical as we explore emerging broadband network infrastructures and the essentials in a fiber optic installer’s toolkit for navigating a 5G-ready world.

With guest Sabrina Belean, Product Specialist, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave
Sabrina Belean began her career in the telecommunications industry in 2017. With nine years of collective experience in Project and Operations Management, she transitioned into her current role as Product Manager. Her primary focus is on the design, development, and market deployment of next-generation solutions for Sumitomo’s Fusion Splicing and Connectivity lines.

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Sumitomo Electric Lightwave (SEL) foresaw the migration to an all-optical fiber network as early as 1983 when it first opened its doors. Our dedication to the advancement of fiber optic technology and exceptional service to the customer (then and now) has positioned Sumitomo Electric Lightwave as a recognized leader in the innovation, design, development, and manufacturing of advanced and integrated end-to-end solutions for data center, enterprise, and communication network customers.

These technologically advanced solutions help our customers simplify network complexity, while improving performance, cost savings, and network efficiencies. By drawing on R&D, resources and expertise, both internally and from Sumitomo Electric Industries, we provide a breadth of advanced optical fiber solutions and options that give network managers the freedom and flexibility in network design.

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