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Our team is driven to create resources that help you do your job better. We also know your time and mind-share are limited. You have about a zillion important things to do. Things that pay. (Literally.)

Being respectful of your overflowing plate, this edit note cuts to the chase and shares 2 quotes from Gabe Waggoner, Executive Vice President – Operations, Consolidated Communications. They sum up his approach to leading with realism and optimism:

 Regarding leadership:
“We don’t want our teams to lose their pride of heritage, but a culture that clings too tightly to conventional wisdom and traditional processes won’t be able to lead the technological transformation we’re in today. It’s essential for leaders to effectively articulate this in a manner that recognizes history and values yet provides a clear vision for the future.”

Regarding fiber deployment:
“Consolidated’s RDOF funding coupled with a recent strategic investment and partnership will significantly accelerate fiber expansion to rural areas across our service area. Combined, we will upgrade 1.6 million passings to fiber, multi-gigabit services over a 5-year period.”

While these 2 quotes are interesting, they are far too short to truly understand Gabe’s potent leadership philosophy. So, invest just a few minutes to read the full interview (online) and on page 12 of ISE magazine’s May issue. Of course, it’s longer than a Twitter post — but it’s far more substantive and real.

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