How Can You Innovate and Improve Your Broadband Installation Quality, Speed, and Cost?

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Calix Podcast, Innovate and Improve Broadband Installation

How are Broadband Service Providers (BSPs) leveraging technology tools and field-proven processes to improve operational workflows, collaboration and documentation during the installation process? How can this help reduce repeat install visits and ensure you deliver quality, speed, and lower your costs?

Join us in this podcast discussion to learn:

  • Innovative and modern approaches to improve installation processes.
  • Best practices and standardization techniques that will help improve your installation quality to deliver services faster, at lower cost, and without sacrificing quality.
  • The technology tools available to help your installation process be easily repeatable and more efficient for contractors and technicians.

With guest Tom Schroer, Senior Director Services Marketing, Calix 

Thomas Schroer, Calix

Tom Schroer is responsible for evangelizing the wide array of Calix’s Professional, Managed, Support, Education and Customer Success Services. Prior to that he was successful in marketing for companies focused on network and service assurance solutions and core network hardware, software and cloud offerings. Tom also has experience in the Communications Service Provider space, performing key roles in planning, engineering and operations.

Calix cloud and software platforms enable service providers of all types and sizes to innovate and transform. Our customers utilize the real-time data and insights from Calix platforms to simplify their businesses and deliver experiences that excite their subscribers. The resulting growth in subscriber acquisition, loyalty and revenue creates more value for their businesses and communities. This is the Calix mission, to enable communications service providers of all sizes to simplify, excite and grow.

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