Site Inspection Made Easy for Joint Use, Small Cell, and 5G Installation

ISE Webinar with Laser Tech, Site Inspection
Webinar Recorded on Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Expansion of fiber optic networks and small cell infrastructures require providers, utility companies, and contractors to constantly assess sites for deployment and joint use. These inspections must be performed quickly, safely, and as accurately as possible to minimize any missteps that could delay operations. Working with many challenges, requirements, NESC regulations, and Right-of-Way and height guidelines for mounting and placement, accurate measurements are required to verify there is enough space for assets.

During this webinar, learn how to deliver reliable documentation for deployment and joint use inspections and different measurement techniques for laser rangefinders including: heights, spans, clearances, and offset GNSS positions.

  • Measurements on an existing light pole identified for a wireless small cell replacement.
  • Capture positions of utilities located in the ROW, on busy streets, or obstructed environments.
  • Measurements required for telecom deliverables.
  • Survey pole attachment of the laser rangefinder.
  • FAA requires highest point documentation provided for all telecom sites.

Learn how to take site inspection measurements for both wired and small cell installations, verify what assets can easily be measured, and electronically collect accurate field data quicker and safer.

Presented by:

Steve Colburn, Applications Training Specialist, Laser Tech
Steve is a true pioneer in product development, marketing, sales, service, and support at LTI and has been doing it for more than 25 years. Steve has a BS in Geophysics and has previously worked in the oil and gas industry where he learned the surveying trade, making him an unparalleled asset to this team.

Derrick Reish, Laser Tech

Derrick Reish, Professional Measurement, Sr. Product Manager, Laser Tech
Derrick has been working in the professional management and mapping industry for the last 20 plus years with a key focus on understanding business needs and providing field-to-office product solutions for industries such as electric utilities, public works, forestry, construction, and mining..

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