ISE White Paper from Alden Systems, 5 Steps
Looking for a way to leverage your resources to meet the demands of today’s broadband deployment challenges? Follow these five steps from an industry veteran.

A recent Broadband Now study stated that “based on new research conducted in 2021 on more than 58,000 addresses, we are confirming our estimate that at least 42 million Americans lack access to terrestrial broadband internet.” With so much work for communications providers and engineering/service firms hanging in the balance, companies who reach the market first will gain the substantial advantage of owning that geography for a time.

The current scenario represents tremendous opportunity — but only for providers who optimize their processes to mitigate a lack of resources. The good news: here are five actionable steps you can take now to position your company to win market share. It all rests on one foundational mindset shift — moving from project to process.

Consider these questions:

  • Do you struggle to facilitate effective communication among internal departments and external stakeholders?
  • Are you certain the data collection methods you choose are optimized for efficiency?
  • Are your employees spending time building spreadsheets to do their jobs?
  • Is collaboration among your teams bottlenecked by missing data?

Solving these issues will be the difference between providers who win future work… or not. Find out why progressive, forward-thinking companies are shifting from a project to a process-based mindset to stay competitive. Download the white paper to learn five new recommended practices and how to implement them. Creating efficiencies requires a strategic approach. Know more, get more.

Download your copy now!

Alden Systems offers software and services for joint use and utility professionals that automate business processes, enabling data-driven decisions. To learn more about Alden One and how we can help you with each step outlined here, visit and book a meeting:

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