ISE Podcast with 3-GIS and ECC, Real-Time Revolution

The hard and soft costs of changing to real-time data management

The approach to real-time data management had dramatic implications for faster network deployment, service activation and reparation, and better reporting. But what did it cost to change? Not surprising, there were hard and soft costs.

Although it seems self-evident that accurate and real-time data can provide the best operational and strategic value, it came at the expense of letting go of familiar methods and integration into existing environments. These insights are shared to help guide the costs to make the change.

Topics of discussion:

  • Why has it taken so long for telecommunications to adopt a geospatial approach to building and managing their assets?
  • What is the return on investment for leveraging GIS-based technology?
  • How would we start down this path?
  • What are some tangible approaches to consider?
  • What are the motivating factors for this change to leverage GIS-based technology in telecommunications?

With guests Michael Measels, VP of Product Management, 3-GIS, and
Tim Sherman, Engineering Director, Ervin Cable Construction, LLC (ECC)

Michael Measels, 3-GIS

Michael Measels, VP of Product Management, 3-GIS
Michael is an experienced product leader specializing in driving vision and roadmaps for 3-GIS. He most enjoys the consultative nature of product management, where he interacts with customers to resolve complex business problems. Having supported numerous large-scale FTTx build-outs, Michael brings a hands-on understanding of the information needed by customers to manage their network assets to achieve their digital transformation initiatives.

Tim Sherman, ECC

Tim Sherman, Engineering Director, Ervin Cable Construction, LLC (ECC)
With over 8,000 miles of fiber network design under his belt, Tim has seen his share of fiber network design engineering software, equipment and processes deployed. In response to many operators’ “speed to market” initiatives at the engineering and construction group of ECC, Tim has been able to implement design engineering workflows that leverage current technologies to increase production, accuracy and ongoing flexibility of the operator’s network.

3GIS logo primary

3-GIS helps the telecom industry achieve better results. We design solutions to meet the challenges of building and managing increasingly complex fiber networks.

ECC, Ervin Cable Construction, LLC logo

ECC (Ervin Cable Construction, LLC) is a leader in the telecommunications industry with over 40 years of experience. We deliver turnkey construction, design and engineering services.

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