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With The Latest 2021 Data

Are you reading this article on your desktop (or laptop), or are you reading it on your smartphone? That is the basic question at the heart of this article.

It is also an important question, as these statistics and trends will influence many industries and where they put their efforts and investments. Mobile websites started becoming a lot more usable, sleek, and competitive after more people started getting smartphones and used them for a wide variety of uses. The increased processing power of smartphone, now rivaling the desktops of the past and certainly on part with some laptops, has allowed them to do practically anything, reducing the gap even further.

While we cannot possibly go over every last statistic and detail regarding this comparison (and to a degree competition), here are some of the key facts, stats, and topics you should be thinking about, whether for your business plans or personal interests.

The article “Mobile Vs Desktop Internet Usage (Latest 2021 Data)” by Broadband Research, can be found at

Sections of the article include:

  • Mobile vs. Desktop Usage Today
  • Searching and Immediate Access
  • The Difference in eCommerce
  • Social Media
  • Media Use, Streaming and the Usage of Our Free Time
  • The Impact of 5G
  • Conclusion

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