Why advertise?

Fact: According to Magazine Media Factbook 2017/18, brands that advertise in print magazines achieve greater increases in brand awareness, favorability and purchase intent than online or TV advertising.  And not surprisingly, print magazine readers strongly influence technology buys.

Lift your brand awareness, increase you ROI and generate new business when you bundle your marketing efforts with ISE’s interactive and engaging advertising opportunities.

The ISE brand reaches ALL purchasing influencers; from construction & engineering, to installation & maintenance, to IT and other contributing members in the procurement process. Our integrated media platform includes print, online, digital, mobile, live and virtual events, webinars, podcasts, video and social media.

As providers evolve their wireline and wireless networks, they look to ISE for solutions and education. The ISE brand is their partner in transformation.

So what are you waiting for? Put your company in front of this highly-targeted audience and start leveraging the brand on which they rely! 

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