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Don McCarty is the OSP EXPERT columnist for ISE magazine, discussing the issues around provisioning, testing, and maintaining copper for all services from POTs to IPTV. Don is also president of and the lead trainer for McCarty Products, a technical training and products company training field technicians, cable maintenance, installation repair, and Central Office technicians and managers. For more information, email or visit

ISE Columnist Don McCarty

Looking Forward

Inclusive High-Speed Solutions -- I write what too many providers no longer care about: twisted pair copper. While the copper...

ISE Columnist Don McCarty

Support From the ICEP Engineer

Field technicians are constantly involved with, and are responsible for, unwanted noise on customer circuits, whether the circuit is copper,...

ISE Columnist Don McCarty

Resistance Bridge Fault Locating

or the fallacy of single-pair hookups -- Over my many years in the business, I have written and taught about...

ISE Columnist Don McCarty

Letters From Readers

May 8, 2019 Power Influence and Balance -- While I always find Don McCarty’s articles to be very informative and...

ISE Columnist Don McCarty

Those Special Cables

Troubleshooting low count cables and drops with today’s test equipment -- I received an email from a field technician about...

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