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Erica Zamensky
Erica Zamensky

Erica Zamensky is Senior Content Strategist, Telecommunications, Black & Veatch. She has more than 20 years of experience in content development for science, engineering, smart technologies and marketing topics. For more information, please email or visit Follow Black & Veatch on Twitter: @Black_Veatch and @BVSII. For more insight around Digital Infrastructure innovation, visit and download the eBook 5G: A New Digital Dawn.


The 5G Dawn of Digital Transformation

Recommendations for Stakeholders -- Even with billions of Internet of Things (IoT) connections, the light of digital transformation is still...

Innovation From Whiteboard to Dashboard in 2018

Trends in Telecommunications -- Trends materialize from the whiteboards of innovators, not emulators. The number of groundbreaking technologies is growing,...

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