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Gary Bolton is President and CEO, Fiber Broadband Association (FBA), the largest trade association in the Americas dedicated to all-fiber-optic broadband. With more than 3 decades in the telecom industry, Bolton joined the FBA as President and CEO in 2020 after serving on the association’s board as Vice Chairman, Treasurer, and Vice Chairs of Public Policy and Marketing committees. Prior to his role at the FBA, Gary spent 11 years at ADTRAN serving as VP of Global Marketing and Government Affairs. For more information, please email or visit


LEO Satellites

A Path to Nowhere -- On December 7, 2020, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) awarded 180 bidders $9.23B to deliver...


Work-From-Anywhere Requires Overdrive Race to 10G

Work-and-Learn-From-Anywhere Requirements Force Fiber Upgrades -- In 2020’s rapidly changed network-centric world of increased broadband performance and demographic shifts from...

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