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Kashif Hussain is the Director of Wireless Solutions for the instruments business at VIAVI Solutions. He has more than 20 years of wireless industry experience. Kashif’s expertise in RF, DAS, HetNets, and LTE, comes from developing, managing, supporting, marketing, and consulting, on major mobile communications projects. Kashif’s industry experience also includes various senior roles at MobileNet, Tektronix Communications, Ericsson and Nortel. He has also authored patents for wireless products. For more information, please visit


Transport Network Leads to the 5G Promise

Midhaul: As Critical as Fronthaul and Backhaul -- 5G technology is touted as a platform that enhances our connected world....


Deploying and Scaling 5G With Confidence

Best Practices to Deliver on Its Promise -- It’s widely anticipated that the scale of 5G will eclipse all previous...


Bringing Order to Confusion

How Standards-Compliant Testing Impacts 5G -- If there is a single theme that defines 5G, it is innovation. Next-generation networking...


Are You Really Ready to Deliver 5G?

Beware of Massive MIMO Deployment Challenges --  The promise of 5G technology is about to be realized, as network service...

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