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Mark Mullins, Global Communications Manager and Manager of Americas Field Marketing, is a founding member of Fluke Networks, starting in 1993. He oversees worldwide channel and customer collaboration and engagement strategy. For more information, please email: or visit Follow Fluke Networks on Twitter: Follow Mark Mullins on Twitter: @mark_mullins.


Installing and Troubleshooting PoE

What You Need to Know for Successful Deployments -- When power over Ethernet (PoE) was first introduced in 2003, the...


A Speck Can Make a Huge Mess!

Cleaning and Inspecting MPO Connectors -- Multi-Fiber Push On (MPO) connectors have long been a staple for interconnection within data...


There’s a Lot of Wire in Wireless

What You Need to Know About Cabling for Wi-Fi -- Over the last decade or more, proponents of Wi-Fi networking...

Can PoE Take the Heat?

4-Pair PoE and Your Cabling Plant -- For several years, you’ve been deploying cable plants that support power over Ethernet...

It’s Here!

Category 8 for High-Speed Ethernet of the Future -- Category 8 is finally here! In late 2017, cabling manufacturers will...

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