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Paul Pishal is Sales Director in the Connected Communities Telecom Division of Black & Veatch. Paul is responsible for business development, strategic partnerships and client engagements for the expanding markets of fiber and wireless networks for municipal and private broadband. His focus includes Public-Private Partnerships. Paul brings more than two decades of experience managing business development, product marketing and corporate strategy for technology companies in the telecommunications, electronics and business consulting industries. For more information, please email or visit Follow Black & Veatch on Twitter @BVSII.


Road Warriors

The Tech That Makes Intelligent Transportation Systems Tick -- Now that we’re deeply accustomed to the Internet of Things (IoT)...


Farmers Put the Byte Into Food Production

Farmer-to-Everything Connections for the Future -- As high-tech city concepts gain momentum, like Bleutech Park Las Vegas (, they become...


Private Broadband Networks

Soon, Reachable for All -- The US is on the cusp of a big change in wireless telecommunications because the...


Digital Citizens

Infrastructure That Connects Communities -- Not that long ago, the idea of digitally connected communities was futuristic. But today finds...

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