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Sharon Vollman directs the editorial content for ISE magazine, the ICT Spotlight e-newsletter,, and leads the educational content development for ISE EXPO and several events. Her monthly Editor’s Note highlights the latest issues telecom/ICT professionals are facing.

ISE Columnist Sharon Vollman

The E-Word

At least 1 in 4 people quit their job this year, according to data from Viser. This Q4 report shares...

ISE Columnist Sharon Vollman

Quick Quotes

I’m one of those annoying people who share quotes regularly with the people who matter to me. Oftentimes, I text...

ISE Columnist Sharon Vollman

6K Thoughts Per Day? Really?

Mind race much? Recent research says most of us deal with 6,000 thoughts each day. It doesn’t matter whether you’re...

ISE Columnist Sharon Vollman


Today, the work-from-everywhere (WFE) model requires CliffsNote-like tools to sift through massive amounts of industry learning and to snag those...

ISE Columnist Sharon Vollman

You Don’t Have to Go to Harvard

But You DO Need to Invest in Yourself -- Did you know THIS about face-to-face networking? The Harvard Business Review...

ISE Columnist Sharon Vollman

Getting Real

Our team is driven to create resources that help you do your job better. We also know your time and...

ISE Columnist Sharon Vollman

The Skills Gap Is REAL?????

According to a recent survey by EY, 59% of companies believe there’s an industry-wide shortage of the type of skills...

ISE Columnist Sharon Vollman

The Real Telecom Ecosystem

The word “ecosystem” is used a lot when talking about the telecom/ICT space.  The formal definition of an ecosystem is...

ISE Columnist Sharon Vollman

Which Is More Important?

Process or Product? Let’s use the example of deploying 5G to the masses. Most of you are acutely aware of...

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