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The educational content of this category relates to Battery evolution for Telecom/Communications Service Providers’ (CSPs) mobile and fixed networks.  Best practices and guidance are targeted to telecom providers, contractors and others aligned with the ICT industry.


5G Means the Heat Is On!

Managing the Looming 5G Energy Surge -- There is a natural tendency to treat the move from 4G to 5G...


The Power-Space Paradox at 5G Cell Sites

The evolution of cellular network architectures toward 5G has followed a long, winding path with occasional detours that met immediate...


Data Is Power

Simple Rack Changes Can Yield Powerful Rewards -- The explosion of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and growing consumer expectations...


The More Things Change

The More They Remain the Same -- With Your Batteries -- The equipment and technology that produce the revenue for...


Double the Purpose, Double the Fun

Batteries at telecommunications facilities are typically used to back up critical infrastructure equipment during an outage, often during the transition...


Being Powerfully Redundant Matters

When It Comes to Battery Management (Using Data to Mitigate Catastrophic Network Outages) -- Data-driven decisions are becoming more and...

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