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The educational content of this category relates to Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) by Telecom/Communications Service Providers’ (CSPs).  Best practices and guidance are targeted to telecom providers, contractors and others aligned with the ICT industry.


Gigabit Delivery Debate

Gigabit Broadband Deployments Requires Hybrid Strategies Politicians and others have rightly argued for high-speed broadband access for all. Those without...


5G FWA For The Last Mile

While we see many 5G ads targeting consumers, there are a plethora of non-consumer applications and solutions (aka Use Cases)...


Get The Point?

FWA Is All About Quality Infrastructure Fixed wireless access (FWA) connections are forecast to grow more than threefold and reach...


Live NFL Streaming. Is Your Network Ready?

New Parks Associates consumer research featured in its OTT Video Market Tracker shows 47% of US broadband households currently subscribe to Amazon...


Monumentally Massive mMIMO

5G Network Densification to Drive Cellular Infrastructure Spending to US$191 Billion by 2026 -- Massive MIMO (mMIMO) is proving to...

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