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Are We Ready?

WiFi Traffic Doubling Every 3 Years --  Given the current state of radio-spectrum use, regulators, academic institutions, civil society, and...


WiFi 6 Calls for Support

Remote Work, IoT, and Smart Homes, Challenge WFH Users --  2020 is not a year many people want to remember,...


5G Opportunities for Rural CSPs

Government Funding, Private Networks, and Managed Services  -- The Biden administration is working with Republican lawmakers to provide an unprecedented amount of federal support...


Live NFL Streaming. Is Your Network Ready?

New Parks Associates consumer research featured in its OTT Video Market Tracker shows 47% of US broadband households currently subscribe to Amazon...


Covert Concealments

Ubiquitous 5G Requires Unique Small Cell Concealments -- Meeting the goal of ubiquitous 5G service means deploying about 1 million...

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