Editorial Guidelines

How to Submit an Article to ISE Magazine


TOPICS: Looking through our current and past issues on our website www.isemag.com, you can get a good understanding of the kinds of articles we publish. Features include information, communications, and technology (ICT) topics, focusing on How-To, Case Histories, Current Technology, and Recent Technological Innovations. ISE’s online-only Human Network articles include additional ICT topics, as well as project management, finance, leadership, and motivation. Sales-oriented articles are not accepted. 

MEDIA PLANNER AND EDITORIAL LINE-UP: Our annual Media Planner includes the editorial topics for the calendar year (View it here.) You can access our Media Planner and via https://www.isemag.com/contribute/. You are welcome to propose a topic to ISE’s Editorial Director, Sharon Vollman: svollman@isemag.com. New media planners for the next year are on our website in September. 

SUBMIT ANYTIME: Send us your article at any time. However, the editorial process usually takes 4 months, so if you want your article to appear in a specific month’s issue, please plan ahead. For more information, see the How to Submit an Editorial Feature video on our website: https://www.isemag.com/contribute. 

FORMAT: Send us your article via email as a Word document. If you store your article in Dropbox or in another file storage platform, please send to us the link to your article. 

WORD COUNTS: Features: 500 to 2,100 words. Most articles average 1,000-1,600 words. Short reads: 499 words or fewer. 

PRODUCT REFERENCES: You may include only 1 reference to your company’s products or services; this includes any photos of products with your Brand Name and/or Logo. 

BIOGRAPHY: Please include your biography at the end of your article (85 words maximum. Your biography word count does not affect your article’s word count. Also, so that our readers can contact you, please include your Company website URL, email addresses, and Social Media platforms you use. (This information, too, does not affect your biography’s word count.) 

PHOTOS and ILLUSTRATIONS: All images, including the Author Photo, for the article should meet these specs: EPS, JPG, TIF, or PDF format; High Resolution (300 dpi or higher); Color: CMYK; Size: 4”x4” or larger. (Portrait photos for covers and interview articles should measure 5”x7” minimum.) Please send images as separate attachments in an email; we usually cannot use images that are embedded in your Word document. If possible, send 2-5 images/photos for your article. If you store your images in Dropbox or in another file storage platform, please send to us the link to your images. 

CAPTIONS: Please send the captions for your images via email, or in your Word document, or as part of your image’s filename. 

COMPENSATION: ISE magazine does not pay for articles. 

PUBLICATION DATES: All Print issues, Digital issues, Online versions of articles, and Web-Only articles, are available on the 1st of each month. To see your online articleplease visit https://www.isemag.com

ISE Reserves The Right to edit all submissions for clarity and length, and according to ISE’s editorial guidelines, publications policies, and style. The decision to publish any and all articles rests with the Editorial Director. 


Features and Short Reads: 
Sharon Vollman, Editorial Director, svollman@isemag.com, 773.754.3256 

Human Network articles: 
Karen Adolphson, Managing Editor, kadolphson@isemag.com, 773.754.3251 

Company News and Product News: 
Janice Oliva, Publisher, joliva@isemag.com, 773.754.3249