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Scot Bohaychyk is Market Manager, Clearfield. He has more than 36 years in the telecommunications industry. Scot’s background includes serving in The White House Communications Agency, providing communications infrastructure support. Scot’s private sector experience includes OSP field and engineering experience, as well as market development and sales work in the fields of blown and pushable fiber for long-haul fiber installations -- both in the US and overseas. For more information, email or visit Follow Clearfield on Twitter @clearfieldfiber. Follow Scot on Twitter @SBohaychyk.


When Time Matters

Fiber-to-the-Tower Strategy for Right Now -- The wireless sector of the broadband market is beginning to experience some of the...


Millions to Billions More Endpoints!

Is the Market Prepared for Wireless-to-Wireline Convergence? In the past, wireless and wireline networks operated independent from one another. Today,...


Fibering the Last Hundreds of Feet

Solutions Evolved to Meet Providers’ Needs -- For many years there really has been only one solution for FTTx connectivity...

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