Charles Amphenol Episode 1
Welcome to Charles Industries’ Innovative Enclosures Video Series
Episode 1: Concealment Solutions for Small Cell / DAS Deployments

If 4G/5G Small Cell deployments for next-gen networks are on your project to-do list, this video is for you! Charles’ enclosure experts Mike Johnson and Dominic Imbrogno sit down to discuss the many concealment solutions Charles offers to house and protect radios, antennas, and other remote small cell / distributed antenna system equipment. Top of pole, pole side and ground furniture concealment solutions are discussed, with an explanation of the advantages of each type.

Concealment shrouds play a vital role in today’s wireless networks. Oftentimes, local municipalities have ordinances that must be met for unobtrusive equipment deployment that blends into local surroundings. Planning ahead to meet these aesthetic requirements can ensure your projects stay on schedule and reduce project timelines. This video explores the latest concealment options available from Charles Industries to meet various concealment challenges efficiently and cost-effectively.

Mike Johnson, Sr. Product Manager
Dominic Imbrogno, Sr. Director, Active Enclosures and Wireless Solutions

Additional Information:

Charles Industries’ Innovative Enclosures Video Series

Each episode presents an overview of a remote deployment point and the equipment enclosure(s) that can be utilized at that location to secure and environmentally protect critical network equipment. The goal of this series is to familiarize technicians, installers, network planners and other ICT professionals with the options they have when it comes to environmental enclosures and concealment solutions at specific optical and wireless transmission, distribution and termination points. 

Episode 2: Enclosure Solutions for Fiber-to-the-Home Networks

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Charles Industries, LLC supplies a comprehensive line of Innovative Enclosed Solutions™ for housing and protecting fiber distribution equipment at the customer premises, business, cell tower or other network edge location.

As an Amphenol Company, Charles is uniquely positioned to supply integrated enclosure and cabling solutions to customers worldwide.