Episode 3: Fiber Distribution Hub Considerations

Fiber Distribution Hubs (FDH) are a key component to efficient fiber dissemination to residential neighborhoods and other large-count subscriber destinations. FDHs are available in several different types, including padmount cabinets, compact wall or polemount cabinets, and buried pedestals. Each has its unique advantages as discussed in this video.

In this episode, Charles’ FTTX enclosure expert, Rick Koca, discusses how choosing the right FDH for your network can save time, money and labor. Today’s latest FDH designs have many customizable options that can be specified for particular installations; and knowing what’s available is imperative to making an informed FDH purchasing decision.

Rick Koca, Sr. Product Manager


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Charles Industries’ Innovative Enclosures Video Series

Each episode presents an overview of a remote deployment point and the equipment enclosure(s) that can be utilized at that location to secure and environmentally protect critical network equipment. The goal of this series is to familiarize technicians, installers, network planners and other ICT professionals with the options they have when it comes to environmental enclosures and concealment solutions at specific optical and wireless transmission, distribution and termination points. 

Episode 1: Concealment Solutions for Small Cell / DAS Deployments

Episode 2: Enclosure Solutions for Fiber-to-the-Home Networks

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Charles Industries, LLC supplies a comprehensive line of Innovative Enclosed Solutions™ for housing and protecting fiber distribution equipment at the customer premises, business, cell tower or other network edge location.

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