Episode 2: Enclosure Solutions for Fiber-to-the-Home Networks

When it comes to deploying fiber-to-the-home, there are many different strategies that can be utilized, depending on several factors. Considerations can include what infrastructure is already in place, and if those assets best lend themselves to an aerial, above-grade, below-grade or hybrid approach.

In this episode, Charles’ enclosure experts Steve Skiest and Tom Randstrom discuss project planning and the impact network architectures will have on the environmental enclosure decisions needed to be made in FTTH projects. Various enclosure solutions are presented and recommendations for the most advantageous enclosure type for particular circumstances are explored.

Steve Skiest,
Market Development Manager

Tom Randstrom,
Sr. Product Manager

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Charles Industries’ Innovative Enclosures Video Series

Each episode presents an overview of a remote deployment point and the equipment enclosure(s) that can be utilized at that location to secure and environmentally protect critical network equipment. The goal of this series is to familiarize technicians, installers, network planners and other ICT professionals with the options they have when it comes to environmental enclosures and concealment solutions at specific optical and wireless transmission, distribution and termination points. 

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