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As service providers transform their businesses to become agile and responsive and support configurable digital services, the question of network modernization is more and more urgent. Legacy networks are not only struggling to keep up with customer demands, they are increasingly difficult to maintain and costly in terms of real estate and power consumption, as well as contributing to an increased carbon footprint.

While an up-to-date, efficient network is the aspirational vision for any service provider, it’s easy to hesitate in the face of modernization’s daunting challenges and risks. Network digital transformation needs a broad range of technical, business, and planning expertise that few operators have available.

In this podcast, we’ll explore a vendor-agnostic, three phase approach to modernizing legacy TDM networks.

Topics of discussion:

  • The phased approach to Network Modernization and how it benefits the service provider 
  • The importance of a partner’s personnel in the Network Modernization process 
  • Types of projects available for modernizing legacy networks
  • The role of Circuit Emulation (CEM) in modernizing networks  
  • The need for advanced tools and automation to speed the process while increasing accuracy

With guest Al Errico, Network Modernization (NetMod) Practice Leader, Fujitsu

Al Errico, Fujitsu

Mr. Al Errico is the Practice Leader for Network Modernization Services (NetMod) at Fujitsu. He is responsible for the development, standardization and life-cycle of all complex Network Modernization Services. Previous to his joining Fujitsu, Mr. Errico held positions at Tellabs, designing, marketing, and supporting large-scale, live-traffic migration projects for all of the major Telecommunications companies. He has also held positions at T-Mobile and Westinghouse Electric. Mr. Errico is certified in many Telecommunication systems, has attended over 45 technical schools, and holds a General Radio Telephone license with a Ship Radar Endorsement from the FCC.

Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. customizes digital transformation solutions for network operators, service providers and content providers. We combine best-in-class hardware, software, and services to enable cost savings, faster services delivery and improved network performance. Working closely with our ecosystem partners, we design, build, operate, and maintain better networks for the connected world.

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